Special Hunts

Wes Settle Annual Youth Hunt

Each year, Cane Creek Hunting Preserve is the site for a Youth Hunt sponsored by Patoka Hills Quail and Upland Game Alliance. Young hunters from the ages of 10-17 years old participate in the all-day hunt. The Patoka Hills QUGA provides dogs and guides for the February hunt. Two groups of students go out with the dogs for the hunting, while others have access to a skeet thrower. The Youth learn about hunting with a dog, gun safety and dressing the birds.

Food is provided by the Alliance throughout the day. The hunt will be in its 5th year during the 2016-17 hunting season.

Youth Gallery

Business and Corporation Hunts

Cane Creek Hunting Preserve has also partnered with businesses and corporations who want to bring groups of employees for team building and employee incentives.