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Located in rural Southern Indiana, Cane Creek Hunting Preserve offers the hunter an opportunity to hunt pheasant, quail and chuckers from September to April. Cane Creek Quail Farm supplies birds to other hunting preserves and individuals.

The Preserve is owned and operated by Donnie and Jim Whitehead. Situated on the family farm, it includes over 200 acres of tillable land with food coverage.

Owner and guide Donnie Whitehead began hunting with his father over 50 years ago. He brings experience and quality to any hunting group he leads. He has won awards with his dogs at local field trials.

Brother and co-owner Jim Whitehead, although not an avid hunter, has a great deal of experience working the breeding of birds. Both bothers have been farmers all their lives

1364 North State Road 257

Otwell, IN 47564


Donnie and Jim Whitehead